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3 Latest Custom Stair Building Trends for Homes in New York


Indoor staircases are a necessity, and add decor to your home at multiple levels. With architectural advancements, a new age is seeing a change in the latest staircase designing of the house. One such trend is, making stairs an architectural focal point of your home by creating a custom stair design.

Why a Custom Stair Interior necessary for your home?

They can provide a dramatic dynamics, enhance architectural aesthetics, and add zing to interior spaces. That is why Custom Stair Interior Fabricators in New York, and architects are incorporating custom stairways into their house plan designs.

Popular Trends of Custom Stair Designing

  1. More Wood

A highly popular trend in New York is, crafting stairways from exotic woods such as Brazilian Cherry, African mahogany, and Cumaru. Why add woods? They have permanent deep hues which have a true affinity for tradition. It also matches the hardwood flooring and woodwork as much as possible.

  1. Curves and Spiraling

Curved and spiral stairways are also making elegant entrances. They add eye-catching beauty besides, giving your home a unique interior look. For the Custom Stair Interior Fabricators in New York, incorporating curves is a breeze and well worth the investment.

  1. Metal is Evergreen Element

Another growing trend is mixing and matching high-quality wrought iron of chromatic color. It creates a one-of-a-kind pattern for your stairs design. Extravega Architectural Metal Fabricators in New York are busy to help lay out various baluster patterns so homeowners can create a truly custom design.

Besides, these some simple tips can help you bring more interior beauty into your home. To give a softer look makes a circular staircase instead of the standard angular design. Curvy railing systems are great for bringing more natural look.

If nothing, we are here to help you bring new charm by building your new stairway. You can show us magazine pictures of how you want your stairway to be designed.

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