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Double Ramp Staircase Parapets made in glass

Double ramp staircase balustrade with bespoke handles for Private Villa, New York, USA

Design by Giusi Mastro/Ora Studio

For this beautiful, luxury and contemporary Villa, designed by Giusi Mastro Ora Studio, Extravega manufactured the custom double ramp staircase balustrade with bespoke handles.

Extravega manufactured the glass parapet of a grand staircase and several metal architectural and interior work around this contemporary design residence. Starting from the request of bronzed brass coverings and bespoke interior in this project, Extravega’s role grew to provide more interior elements. Such as inner entry doors to an exclusive custom dining table, custom stainless steel hood cover, and bronze base and two columns in octagonal-shaped bronze finish for the monumental fireplace environment. 

Sophisticated and elegant interior with fine finishes and custom furnishing shaped like works of art for this Long Island Residence Project. A creative dimension that reinvents the very idea of uniqueness, creating a sophisticated interior.

Glass parapets over the grand double ramp staircase, inner entry doors, custom dining table, custom furniture, antiqued bronze brass for columns and monumental fireplace, external windows parapets and doors parapets: these elements define the decidedly modern/contemporary character of this luxurious private residence. With finishes of the highest quality.

From project management, shop drawings, production process to experimenting new materials such as liquid metals, for example, Extravega‘s innovative approach stands out for its relentless and unstoppable research. Materials used and processed in this project was metal (brass, bronze in antiqued and polished finsih), glass, wood and liquid metal.  Our work embrace different fields such as: design, art, furniture, architecture. As we want to offer a more custom-made and turnkey service, our offers to designers, architects and general contractor includes several solutions also in the choice of woods: solid wood, veneered, raw panels in different wood and any finish (e.g. waxed, painted or lacquered). worked with cutting edge equipment which allow maximum precision and minimum waste.