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From employee welfare to environmental protection. EXTRAVEGA’s sustainability strategies, projects and upcoming goals.

Becoming a Benefit Company helps us to create more value and to be even more conscientious towards the community, the territory, and all stakeholders on which we have a responsibility.

We are committed to undertake an integrated path of development and continuous innovation with criteria of environmental and social sustainability consistent with the new corporate purpose of the Statute.

Being able to measure our impact, giving ourselves new business objectives and communicating them to our interlocutors (Extravega’s collaborators first and foremost), are duties which have as their objective a common good, indeed the greater good. By going in this direction we can increase the quality of our work and continue to search for beauty – which will bring more serenity to a wider number of people, both socially and environmentally – in every aspect of our lives.

“Spreading beauty everywhere in the world” this is the flame that fuels our work since 1985. A burning passion that we have inside and accompanies us even today, after almost 36 years.”

Antonio Rillosi, CEO & Founder Extravega Milano Srl S.B. / Extra Group Srl



The importance of people, training and development of skills, commitment to the welfare of people, support to people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

People at Extravega are fundamental: the fellowship and mutual affection, the ethic of doing things the best you can, the philosophy of falling in love with projects are the concepts on which the company relies to move forward. Extravega is a place where you go to do things well, with passion and desire.



Commitment to the community, design for freedom, long distance adoptions, charity:water, children tumor’s foundation, support projects for the city of Paderno Dugnano, anti-smog murals by Iena Cruz, Orange Phone (Telefono Arancione), Ethical Business (Impresa Etica)


Extravega places great value on strengthening relations with the local communities in which it operates and on collaborating with national and international organizations to help improve the quality of life of fragile or disadvantaged populations.

To this end, our company is committed to making economic contributions aimed at supporting associations and other voluntary organizations in various areas considered significant, such as the fight against poverty, hunger and water shortages.

At the same time, Extravega acts on the local community of reference, with projects that have an impact on the Paderno Dugnano area.



Extragreen project, use of materials and waste management, energy consumption and increase in energy efficiency, climate-altering emissions, water consumption


Our company bases its activities on the transformation of natural raw materials and semi-finished products, through a production process characterized by advanced technological tools.

As part of the performance of our activities, we take concrete conservation measures to minimize the consumption of water, energy, natural resources and other necessary raw materials, in order to rationalize their consumption, reduce the extent of materials consumed, improve economic efficiency and increase recycling and/or reuse.


  • Creation of a severance indemnity fund for the payment of advances to employees during the Covid-19 emergency
  • Support for the Adoptions project of the Opera Don Bosco Foundation for educational and humanitarian projects in Africa and South America

  • Comprehensive employee health check-up programs
  • #AndràTuttoBene insurance product for all employees for coverage in case of hospitalization caused by Covid-19
  • Support to Children’s Tumor Foundation for projects related to the well-being of individuals and families affected by neurofibromatosis (NF)

  • 43 hours of training per capita targeted at workers in 2020

  • Support to the projects of the non-profit charity:water for the realization of water-related projects in developing countries
  • Reduction of 61% in water consumption compared to 2019

  • 13% reduction in overall energy consumption compared to 2019
  • 100% of purchased energy is produced from renewable energy sources
  • IIntroduction of laser processing with fiber optic source, which is significantly more efficient than those operating with CO2

  • Support for the Design For Freedom project against modern slavery in the construction industry
  • Support for the Orange Telephone project aimed at accompanying entrepreneurs in difficulty

  • Realization of local development projects in collaboration with the city of Paderno Dugnano
  • Commission of two murals to the writer Federico Massa, with anti-smog paints and air-purifying properties

  • Adoption of the legal status of Benefit Company and Modification of the corporate purpose of the Company Bylaws
  • Creation of an Impact Report to report on Extravega’s sustainability performance
  • Support for the publication of the Impresa Etica magazine and the organization of the Impresa Etica Award
  • Installation of water dispensers and supply of water bottles to employees – Replacement of glasses, napkins and traditional cutlery with computable or biodegradable products

  • Reduction of 13% in climate-altering emissions compared to 2019
  • Introduction of 5 corporate hybrid vehicles in the vehicle fleet