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L’INFINITO The Beauty of Art

Making art, artworks, spreading beauty. Honoured to be sponsor “L’Infinito” event-vernissage. Thanks to artist Toshy Art and Carlo Prete. Pleased and honoured to have taken part as a sponsor company in the L’Infinito/L’Eternità event-vernissage on November 4th. Extravega has always making art, artworks, promoted beauty around the world through its work. And through the connection between art and business new opportunities arise. For this reason we would like to thank Connection Art, who gave us the opportunity to be an active part of the event. Thanks to Toshy Art and Carlo Prete, two excellent artists. And in a magnificent setting created by the works of these artists, there were many entrepreneurs present, creating new synergies.

Extravega has always focused on creativity and innovation as a source of inspiration. From these roots and passion comes the desire to promote, support, collaborate with a new form of entrepreneurship related to the art world.

Valuing, investing in art, in emerging artists and established artists. Continuing to spread beauty, improving the aesthetics of the environment around us has always been part of Extravega’s DNA. Creating a virtuous circle of people who have a desire to improve themselves and improve the lives of the people around them.

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