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Custom Windows & interior finishings

Custom Windows & interior finishings at Open Milan

Every month an international community of more than 500 professionals choose the home feeling of OPEN, the beauty of the design and the natural light that illuminates all the coworking stations. Custom Windows & interior finishings engineered, produced and installed by Extravega.

Extravega Milano Benefit Corp. operates internationally. With headquarters in Milan, and branches in New York, London, Dubai and Sydney. Extravega specializes in the shop drawings, production, and installation of high-end custom architectural and luxury interior projects.

Founded in 1985, Extravega continually evolves to meet the demands of international and sophisticated clients. Our long history of collaboration with world renowned architects and designers situates us at the forefront of extremely challenging projects.

Extravega’s projects are varied and diverse. From buildings, to monumental staircases, showrooms and luxury branded shops, from offices, to exhibition spaces, hotel renovations, and exclusive residences. Extravega thrives in complicated design environments because precise coordination is always paramount. Customers see their ideas become reality. We follow from concept to realization the clients’ needs, budgets, and deadlines. To our customers, our promise and our ethos, for over thirty six years, has been to deliver their dreams.


Extravega offers designers several solutions in their choice of metals, glass, woods, liquid metals and composites.
Our continuous research yields new technologies and innovations. One such breakthrough has been with liquid metals. The customization in art, architectural and design projects through this medium is near limitless.

This revolutionary and unique product covers surfaces and materials such as wood, MDF, plasterboards, glass, metail, cement, polyester, fabrics. The proposed finishes, incredibly varied in number, add a distinct aesthetic impact, and turn any final product in an item of luxury.

“In the last years many companies have tried to imitate these exclusive and elegant finishes, but the absolute superiority of our liquid metals and the real feeling of preciousness, the same sensation you have when you hold a jewel in your hand, will be evident for whoever will have the fortune to touch our original pieces”.