Our customers

The satisfaction and pride of the customer are the primary target for Extravega.
Extravega devotes all his attention and care into the work with the ultimate goal of being useful to the client, beyond any internal goal.
Supporting the customer from the design stage through the installation on site of works made in a workmanlike, transformed into reality the ideas and projects of architects and designers, construction companies and general contractors operating in the commercial spaces and exhibitions, offices, hotels, private homes and street furniture.

History and Tradition

Antonio Rillosi founded Extravega in 1985: the company has its roots in the metal processing, but has grown steadily, producing not only custom made metal works, but also using glass, wood, marble, liquid metals and other composite materials.

Drawing on the experience of three generations, Extravega successful work are present all over the world: from the nearby Brianza up to installations designed and delivered by our specialized teams in South America, in the United States, Africa and Russia, only to name a few of the most recent one.


Behind the extraordinary works produced and installed by Extravega in Italy and abroad, there is the contribution of our extraordinary staff.
Our success stems from the many professional and personal experiences gained by our staff, as well as by their talent and passion for their work.

All our experience, our knowledge, the search for new technologies and materials, our passion, wouldn’t make sense if there wasn’t a real purpose: understanding the needs of the customer and the product he dreams to realize, and transform it in material in accordance with the required standards.

By basing our relations on ethics, we build together with the customer.

Development of the projects is divided along a quality control system that ensure the accuracy of the final result, thanks to the presence of an internal technical department, an administrative and productive apparatus able to handle both technical and bureaucratic issues, and the realization of high precision construction products which responding fully to the specific needs of the client.

Windows & Doors made in Steel, Stainless Steel, Corten, Wood and Aluminum
Shop Windows and Technical Fastenings
External Façade
Custom made Stairs and Handrails
Exterior Covering Structure and Balconies made in Steel, Stainless Steel, Glass
Shop Furnishing
Office Furnishing
Exhibitions Stand
Interior Design
Liquid Metal

Cooperating with Extravega means:

Acquiring more innovative works, build the future: useful and functional works to be exhibited and admired all over the world.

To raise the quality working level in the areas where we operate in order to become a benchmark for other companies and people too.

Carrying out activities which, till today, was considered impossibile. Today we want to build somenthing that will make us proud tomorrow.

Never stop growing and improving both professionally and economically.

The values we offer and we demand coincide:

Absolute ethic: which means cooperation with mutual respect of agreements and clearness.

Professional devotion: our desire to satisfy the market demand comes from the awarness that we will receive comfort and kindness from how we work.

Attention to environment and sustainable development: we must be responsible world’s citizens in order to allow any possibile improvement.

Staff’s respect: the serenity of the environment where we live in, is the result of the care we dedicate to our staff allowing a professional, personal and human growth.

We proudly boast to change how things go: starting from ourselves.
We try always to work with persons and companies that aim our same goals: even because we need to learn from their experiences

We want to work with customers and suppliers that share our same values and who want to build, together with us, long lasting and admired works, which makes both the builders and the final owner proud.

Extravega Architectural Fabrications belives that all employees and collaborator are essential to the success and sustainability of the Group. For this reason we offer an environment where everyone can advance and develop their skills and expertise, collaborate with colleagues, contribute to the objectives of the Group through a variety of positions and customer relationships, share knowledge and build a rewarding career.

Extravega offers to its staff a continuous process of search and professional training.
The primary target is to upgrade competences, responsability and staff causativity every day. This target helps Extravega to progress.

We expect to meet smart, flexible, brave and openminded people.
We expect to meet person that hardly keep their curiosity under control.
People that have capability to be amazed and fall in love with novelties and to respect agreements.
We expect to meet someone with a strong working ethic: someone who want to learn costantly and who can focus the attention on different projects at the same time.
We expect to meet people who totally share our mission.

For these reasons, the selection process is a work in progress.

Send us your Curriculum Vitae, the vacancies jobs are:

Project Manager (PM): strategic technical person who manage orders and who collaborate on the client’s offers. We are looking for an operational manager who must be resposible for planning works, economic and technical control, technical development of the project, site surveys, designs (2D and 3D CAD, Solidworks), production control, supervising the installation on site, preparation of all the related documents (pruchase orders, PS, certifications). The PM’s goal is to ensure the compliance of the cost estimated with the budget, the respect of the delivery time and the control of the product’s quality, these are all details which must have been agreed with the customer.
Futhermore to this operational area, it is essential the relational area, linked to the interpersonal dynamics and communication, both in Extravega (with colleagues and managers) and to the outside, maintaning contact with customers, as well as with suppliers, subcontractors who will work on the project realization.
Fluent English or French speaking.

If you have to realize an architectural project, an interior & exterior design project, or if you are working on a batch of industrial production, write us an e-mail or call us.


Google map
Extra Vega Srl
Via Pietro Nenni 9
20037 Paderno Dugnano
Milan | Italy
phone: +39 02 990 43444
fax: +39 02 910 82858
Stati Uniti
Google map
Extra Vega New York LLC
39 West 38th Street, Suite 6E
NY 10018
New York | USA
phone: +1 347 706 1823
Google map
Extra Vega Sydney Pty Ltd
Glen Ayr Avenue
Yowie Bay | NSW 2228
Sydney | Australia
phone: +61 280 055 855



Antonio Rillosi || Chief Executive Officer
Sam Restifa || Director of Extravega Sydney
Emanuela Gionfriddo || Financial Department Manager
Greta Perego || Accounting Department Manager
Stefania Tirelli || Financial Department
Laura Della Vedova || Industrial Engineer
Andrea Artuso || Sales Division
Jolyne Marcato || Expansion & Marketing Division Manager
Lorenza Pozzarle || Communication Manager


Industrial – Architecture – Design Project Office

Alberto Sala || Head of Technical Department
Erone Rossetto || Partition, Windows & Façade Division Manager
Stefano Angeli || Contract Division Manager
Mauro Casamatta || Joinery & Millwork Division Manager
Paolo Curzi || Joinery & Millwork Division Manager
Marco Varamo || Senior Project Manager
Francesca Iob || Senior Project Manager
Alessandro Boarolo || Senior Project Manager
Sara Lorenzini || Project Manager
Marco Dell’Oro || Project Manager
Andrea Ragozzino || Project Manager
Rebecca Vassallo || Project Manager



Antonio Scaraggi || Head of Production
Stefano Grecchi || Production Manager
Fabio Murolo || Punching & Laser Machine Technician


P.IVA & C.F. 08055820156 CCIAA/REA 1199230 MI
Capitale Sociale 115.000 Euro I.V.


Extravega, founded in 1985, operates in the architecture and design sectors with headquarters in Milan and branches in New York and Sydney.

It is specialized in manufacturing and installation of exclusively bespoke design and architectural works, furnishings of exhibition spaces, production of furniture, works of art and design, and projects offering a turnkey service for the most complex projects.

It is specialized in Metalworks, Glassworks and Joinery and its ecletic nature led it to develop countless projects in collaboration with world-renowned architects, designers, rather than outfitters, planners and construction companies, general contractors and private clients.

Projects range from luxury brand shops, offices and showrooms, exhibition stands, to hotels, building renovations and residences.

Extravega is synonymous of custom-made projects, complicated and challenging executions and maximum precision and attention to details, as well as great flexibility, which allows it to perform on any type of materials and guarantees a total respect of deadlines.


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