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Jason Stuart

“The design team on the Global Relay project had envisioned an intricate, bespoke spiral stair that demanded the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Extravega not only met but exceeded our expectations in every aspect. From the initial stages of conceptualization and design workshops to the meticulous mock-ups, fabrication, and installation, Extravega showcased […]

Silvia Pilotti, Valentina Crepaldi

“The continuous relation and sharing of ideas made possible to create a showroom in which the display solutions were of high scenic impact and where each piece of furniture was custom-made with great care and attention, bringing the client an optimal result and in a time frame that was also quite tight in relation to […]

Antonio Rocco

“Extravega recently completed the construction of the stairways, reception and the windows cladding for the EssilorLuxottica office in 420 5th Avenue, New York City NY. Extravega played a key role in pre-construction services as well as during all the construction process, which went very smoothly.”

Paola Ballestrin

“As expected, we were really pleased with the professionalism of the work done by the Extravega team and the maniacal attention to every detail that made the final result truly excellent.”

Cossellu & Re

“We received information on the finishing and features of the window and door frame and how to carry out the work to minimize the interference on house activities, demonstrating professionalism, competence, and adherence to the stated timelines. The final result reflects our expectations and we look forward to collaborating on future occasions.”

Federica Allievi

“Andrea and his collaborators, the installers and all the workers involved in the realization of the project wood/furniture and metalwork have always been willing to listen and to solve of the various unforeseen events that can happen when completing such complex projects. The end result speaks for itself.”

Giuliomario Limongelli

“Extravega team, made up of prepared, helpful and innovative professionals, created together with our internal Design & Built team a solid synergy that was consolidated over the months, thanks also to the human relationship established.”

Mariateresa Gosparini

“Extravega, through its technicians, collaborators and partners, has demonstrated its know-how and innovation, starting from the theme of glass partition walls applied to a strongly characterized architectural context and has skilfully covered the detail of made-to-measure furniture.”

Emanuele Corte

“A wonderful experience from a professional and human point of view. Rarely the feeling established with the General Contractor is so effective. The credits go to Extravega and their ability to immerse themselves in the imagination created by the designers and make it a reality, remaining faithful to every detail created by the designer and at the same time creating objects that are technical and functional unassailable.”

Pierpaolo Martiradonna

“During my career, I have worked with several companies that to what Extravega does but nobody was ever able to deliver the same level of service”

Giusi Mastro

“Their attitude that no project is too small, large, or challenging for them to tackle is an example of the love and passion devoted to every element in the space.”

Gary J Paul

“I have spent time in the Extravega factory and seen the typically sleek modernist creations forged in glass, metals, wood and plastics created for worldwide clients. Each fabrication is finished to perfection with a clear understanding of its final installation requirements.”

Pietro Cicognani

“We also find that Extra Vega’s involvement early in the design phase of a project is invaluable as their expertise in engineering and construction always ensures a successful solution.”

Dario Danilo Del Degan

“Knowing the importance and greatness of Extravega’s works, we turned shyly to its staff and we found instead the solutions we wanted and a satisfaction beyond expectations. Extravega’s technical skills and experience have accompanied us with courtesy and attention in setting up our new studio.”

Luca Dolmetta

“The speedy execution and the quality of the manufacturing and installation received from you was a testimony of the high level of professionalism, technical and organizational ability that distinguishes your Company.”

Eric Bunge

“We only used a small fraction of Extravega’s advanced manufacturing capabilities, but were excited to be exposed to them. Our imagination has been on fire ever since, and we can’t wait to work together again.”

Lodovico Gualzetti

“The quality of the work done by EXTRAVEGA is still there to be seen; after 12 years it is
everything like the day of the inauguration: beautiful and perfect. In this recap there is much more than the story of a good relationship between designer and builder; there are people who love work, theirs and that of others.”

Nathaniel M. Stanton

“Extravega has become a partner for us in executing projects and helping architects and clients dream of what is possible. We share the passion for the built environment with the artists and architects for whom we offer our services.”

Consorzio C2T

“Extravega took care of all the glazed partition walls and workspace furnishings. We were greatly satisfied with the result that the project was completed on time for the required opening, and was finished with a high quality of workmanship.”

Dominic Kozerski

“The experience of the project working with Extravega from design through to completion was excellent – with great design support at the initial stages of the project through to expert and coordinated installation.”

Jonathan Hansen

“In my experience with Extravega you get all three — Top Quality, Timely Fabrication and realistic Cost. There is a fourth factor that I would add to that and it’s the quality of the people.”