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Bespoke luxury interior restaurant

Bespoke Luxury Interior Restaurant – Nishiki Restaurant, Milan, Italy
Design by Naos Design

The reopening of the Japanese restaurant Nishiki unveiled to the eager clientele the work of the designers, the modern style combined with a personal Deco revival and a strong “Asian glamour” characterization, embellished by the elegant light installation that dominates the ceiling of the interior rooms, transports the customer into an atmosphere that leaves him floating between New York and Shanghai, accompanied by the notes of Jazz music.

In September 2017, the fine Japanese restaurant Nishiki reopened its doors with a new look that complements the already well-known Japanese cuisine and an original cocktail bar inspired by Japanese minimalism.

The ‘visual impact of the new and very elegant full-height windows, give a glimpse of the interior and its colors through bronzed smoked-colored crystal.

Nishiki is the result of a complete stylistic renovation by Milan-based architecture firm Naòs Design Srl, with a creative process in close synergy with the restaurant’s owner, Mr. Xiaobo Zhou.

Three layered glass panes with antiqued linen inserts stand in the entrance, a work of art meant to recall Asian history and culture, accompanying the audience to the large main hall.

Through the light installation, a “champagne-colored” effect metal mesh moving sinuously across the ceilings, contrasting with the cozy déco sofas designed by the studio, classic and modern styles are married in a refined and glamorous union.

The touch of Bonsai upholstery in the exclusive private tatami mats enhance the cuisine dedicated to a refined clientele and offering the classics of Asian culinary art executed with special attention to detail.

The style and attention to detail can already be perceived from the outside: the entrance door to the central showcase has a solid wood handle with pivoting attachments so that it rotates following the opening of the door.

The restaurant, with an area of more than 300 square meters, has five serving areas: the three main ones are characterized, as described earlier, by scenic suspended ceiling curtains made of woven metal mesh with a “champagne” color effect.

The suspended ceiling is made of a special acoustic mineral fiber of dark gray color in order to achieve environmental comfort suitable for a quality restaurant.

The other two concern: the six private rooms, five of which have tatami mats, with walls decorated with floral-effect wallpaper and separated from the general context by fixed Venetian blinds framed with dark wood slats and white acoustic fabric sliding curtains; and finally the veranda environment whose space has been made more flexible and cozy by means of wooden Venetian blinds and large sliding curtains.

At the entrance, which is accessed through an entrance compass with an automatic sliding door, three sheets of extra-clear laminated glass with an insert of frayed-weave linen fabric stand out, separating the first administration area with a mix of round and square tables and seating with linear velvet armchairs and sofas and brass frames.

Opposite this is a glimpse of the second room enhanced by a mezzanine area intended for 3 small Tatami-style private rooms.

The main room stands out especially for the sofas, also made to design, with brass tubular frames and appropriately shaped, heat-treated oak backrest and upholstery with “forest green” colored velvet with special capitonné work.

All tables, round and square, have special tops made of polished resin in Emerald green/blue color with Antique brass edges and central supporting column in matte black metal.

At the back of the main room, the large Sushi counter dominates, a monolithic concept made with solid oak and cement wood fronts and complementing brass finish profiles that give it a minimal, luxury look.

On the wall behind the counter is a glimpse of the kitchen area, covered entirely in midnight blue “Vogue” diamond tiles, through a fenestration consisting of special laminated and tempered glass with a mix of finishes between smoked, reflex and bronze.

The flooring in the rooms, excluding the private rooms, consists of large-format stoneware slabs in black slate-effect textured finish.

The lighting, meticulously designed with numerous LED light points all adjustable in intensity in all rooms, covers a fundamental role within the restaurant, managing to create different scenarios with a soft light that “caresses” the fabrics of the sofas and woven mesh curtains.

The traditional minimal style thus creates a common thread among all interior déco elements and contributes to an intimate and reserved dining atmosphere.

Content by Naos Design – Studio Architecture & Design