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Custom made glass doors


Custom curved glass doors for Enclosing the River, Grace Farms, New Canaan, USA
Design by Sanaa

Sanaa, a Japanese architecture studio, designed “River Building”, a multipurpose facility. Conceived as an idealized river, the intervention puts the viewer in direct contact with nature.The structure snakes along the hill’s slope with a series of loops and curves.

To install the 40 custom curved glazed doors and glass entrance lobbies was the brief for Extravega. Each door with a different radius tested the team’s full experience, knowledge and passion.


Each one of the 40 entrances is one of a kind. Each window, vestibule and door unit is unique with its own curvature and radius. Grace Farms counts 40 curved glazed doors with glass vestibules. Each door has a different radius and glass vestibules. All the doors close automatically. The hardware is custom. The accessories custom too, all to support an effortless transition between indoor and outdoor states.

Extravega operates internationally in the architecture and design sectors with headquarters in Milan and branches in New York and Sydney. It is specialized in designing, manufacturing and installation of exclusively custom-made design works and projects. Extravega offers a turnkey service for the most complex projects.

The company was founded in 1985, and after over thirty years of activity and dynamic presence, it has evolved into an operational multidimensionality, dealing with the construction of architectural works, furnishing of exhibition spaces, production of furniture, works of art and design. The Company’s eclectic nature led it to develop countless projects in collaboration with world-renowned architects and designers.

The knowledge and experience gained together with General Contractor as a trusted partner, as well as the strong partnerships with suppliers, enabled the creation of high quality standards works delivered and installed all over the world, satisfying the most demanding requests from architects, designers, outfitters, planners and construction  companies, general contractors and private clients.
Projects range from luxury brand shops, offices and showrooms, 5 exhibition stands, to hotels renovations, buildings and residences. Extravega collaborates with the design world producing custom-made projects with different technical and production levels of complexity. Executions, which are often complicated and challenging, are always coordinated and carried out with the maximum precision, attention to detail and to the environment.
The Customer, who is followet from the design until the installation stage, sees his ideas transformed into reality. Extravega is synonymous of great flexibility, which allows it to perform on any type of materials. Extravega also guarantees a total respect of deadlines, budgets and the attention of any specific needs of the customer for each project. Ethically beside the Customer, we help him to realize his dreams.

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