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Custom Made Shower Enclosure



Custom Made Shower Enclosure for High-end Private Residence

For over 36 years we have produced challenging architectural and interior works with passion and care, which shaped our identity. Our knowhow on several materials (metal, glass, wood, liquid metals and composite materials), as well as capability for speedy production and installation worldwide allows you to have your work executed in a workmanlike manner.

We custom-build every project through our in-house production: we are specialists in metal, glass, wood and composite materials. From your architectural design to final execution, the collaboration lives within a precise project management plan: supporting the designer- architect’s client with executive solutions through construction process, reporting, coordination and supervision with all trades involved, local bureaucracy, as well as logistics, production and installation bodies.

Our service runs from 3D surveying, project management, technical and economic construction consulting, design process engineering, general construction management, production, site supervision & installation, integral construction management.

We manufacture metal works in many fields: design, art, furniture, architecture. The carpentry department is equipped with advanced machinery capable to perform the punching processing, numerical control bending, welding, laser cutting, turning and numerical control milling, on any metal material. Stainless steel, iron, Corten®, brass, bronze and special alloys are available in any finishes (gloss, matt, satin, painted, antiqued).

Since it wishes to offer a more custom-made and turnkey service, Extravega offers to designers several solutions in the choice of materials: solid wood, veneered, raw panels in different wood and any finish (e.g., waxed, painted or lacquered), worked with cutting edge equipment which allow maximum precision and minimum waste. We design and manufacture kitchens, bedrooms, wardrobes and custom made furniture in wood with a wide range of bespoke hardware and handles.

Glass is another building material par excellence in architecture and interior design, almost always accompanied by other materials such as wood, steel and metals. Cutting to size, straight and grinding, layering with fabrics, metal nets, colored films, gold leaf, silver leaf, copper leaf, LED lighting. We create custom made shower enclosure for high-end private residence, curtain walls, glazed fronts, door and window frames, furniture, stairs and railings, canopies, porches, partition walls and much more with the characteristics of uniqueness of the single piece. We are also specialized in structural glass.

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