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External Steel Staircase Design

External Steel Staircase Design, Vodafone Village, Milan, Italy
Design by Studio P.R.P. Milan

Extravega created the architectural staircase, glazed parapets and visually-striking barriers-fencing for Vodafone Village using unique types of automation. The fencing stretching for 70 metres along the road front was constructed out of extra clear, reinforced, layered sheets of glass of exceptional size and weight, with white serigraphs inside the glass, making in the entire project’s most distinctive graphic pattern. Sheets of glass fixed on huge stanchions with special sections made with Montastahl profiles. Entrance to the centre is through four totally concealed metal gates running vertically on a motorised basis. Inside the courtyard Extravega has constructed fencing around the Vodafone refreshments area, as well as four metal emergency staircase and glass parapets with stainless steel banisters welded and satinized on-site.

The collaboration between individuals allows us to offer experience, high precision manufacturing and various types of finishes: not only metals and glass, resins, wood, liquid metals, composite materials. The manufacturing precision and the accuracy of the final result is ensured by a professional team including a Technical Department, composed by designers and architects, equipped with very modern three-dimensional CAD-CAM systems, alongside to a production apparatus which avails itself of advanced plants, operated by skilled artisans, an administrative department able to manage every bureaucratic and logistic problem. The quality control is carried out along the whole line of development of each individual project, ensuring the accuracy of the final result and guaranteeing high manufacturing precision. “That’s how we daily manufacture products which fully match the specific needs of the client, respecting deadlines and budgets: that is how the unique customers’ ideas take shape and substance from our hands of artisans.
…All our experience, our knowledge, the research for new technologies and materials, our passion, would not make sense if there was not a real purpose at the basis: the understanding of the desires of the customer and of the product which he/she wishes to realize, turning it into tangible material in accordance with the required standards.
…We design, create and install facades, stairs, roofs and porches, furniture, windows and doors made of steel, stainless steel, Corten®, wood and aluminum, glazed fronts, technical closings fronts, stands and display for shops, museums and exhibitions, lighting, special flooring, partition walls, special dropped ceilings, and much more.