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Glass Spiral Staircase

glass staircase fabricator

Spiral Glass Staircase Suspended – Baron Capital, New York, USA
Design by Gensler

General Motors Building, 49th Floor. Spiral glass staircase suspended from ceiling. In collaboration with Gensler, the clients sought a stunning centerpiece for their new office, forty-nine floors above Manhattan’s streets. A glass curved staircase. The design was a challenge. Less support. More details. And suspended a half inch off the floor. We have never seen nor fabricated a staircase more technically difficult to execute.


40,000 pounds hung up to the 50th floor with only 7 rods but seemingly weightless, the staircase hovers a half inch from the floor. Its full support rests from the system above. Spiral staircase of structural glass without base support. Staircase supported by seven steel tie rods fixed to the beams of the fiftieth floor. Realized with twenty steps with a 18 feet long glass bridge.  Technical details for stairs support system suspended and anchored to the ceiling. Custom made accessories in brushed duplex stainless steel, the strongest stainless steel in the world.

Glass is another building material par excellence in architecture and interior design, almost always 9 accompanied by other materials such as wood, steel and metals. Cutting to size, straight and grinding, layering with fabrics, metal nets, colored films, gold leaf, silver leaf, copper leaf, LED lighting. We create curtain walls, glazed fronts, door and window frames, furniture, staircases and railings, canopies, porches, partition walls and much more with the characteristics of uniqueness of the single piece. We are also specialized in structural glass.

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