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High-end luxury restaurant fit-out manufacturer

High-end luxury restaurant fit-out manufacturer

High-end luxury restaurant fit-out manufacturer

Extravega supply the Entrance and shop window: 7 fixed shop windows made with aluminium frame and double glazing windows shatterproof dim. 3,15 m x 2,8 m. Entrance made by 2 doors with four shutters with aluminum frame and double glazing windows shatterproof; dim. 3,15 m x 3,27 m with lock and handle in stainless steel mirror finishing. The same window in the inside is made of stainless steel mirror finishing. Exhibition Space Hall: opening windows shutters to protect one wall light dim 3,57 m x 3,4 m. Frames made in stainless steel mirror finishing, weld and grind with invisible joints; stratified security glass. The same windows shutters facing the road, in correspondence of the windows, form the showcases. Counter detail: Stainless steel mirror finishing; laser cutted and folded. Invisible welding made on site. Counter covered in stainless steel mirror finishing. Welding and grinding made on site.

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For over 37 years we have produced challenging architectural and interior works with passion and care, which shaped our identity. Our knowhow on several materials (metal, glass, wood, liquid metals and composite materials), as well as capability for speedy production and installation worldwide allows you to have your work executed in a workmanlike manner.

We custom-build every project through our in-house production: we are specialists in metal, glass, wood and composite materials. From your architectural design to final execution, the collaboration lives within a precise project management plan: supporting the designer- architect’s client with executive solutions through construction process, reporting, coordination and supervision with all trades involved, local bureaucracy, as well as logistics, production and installation bodies.