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Extra Vega Srl
Via Pietro Nenni 9
20037 Paderno Dugnano
Milan | Italy

2 Eastbourne Terrace, Paddington
London W2 6LG | UK

United States
Extra Vega New York LLC
39 West 38th Street, Suite 6E
NY 10018
New York | USA

Extra Vega Sydney Pty Ltd
74 Pitt Street, Suite 601
NSW 2000
Sydney | Australia

Extravega Architectural Fabrications – Blending Innovation with Aesthetic Creativity

Do you want to beautify your dream home and wish to give it a regal appearance? Then you should hire the services of the companies working in the field of architectural fabrications. Professionals working in the field of designing and architecture, are no less than artists. They are highly creative and skillful in their work. These companies play a major role in beautifying the buildings and all types of architectural structures. So, whenever your eyes witness any structure having a brilliant aesthetic appeal, you can be sure that it is the outcome of creativity and hard work of the expert professionals of such companies working in architectural fabrications.

Handling complex projects with great simplicity

The expert teams of qualified and experienced engineers, architects, and designers of Extravega Architectural Fabrications are proficient in handling the most complex and challenging construction projects and deliver the same within the budget and deadline. This professional Company is specialized in engineering and manufacturing and it always strive to deliver exclusive custom-made projects, fulfilling every unique preference of the clients. Extravega have been proving their capabilities since many decades and thus, have become so distinguished in the sectors of architecture and design. They work in collaboration with the eminent architects and interior designers all over the world and have gained international recognition with their outstanding and impeccable performances and services.

Working in the sectors of architecture, interior design, and artwork

Extravega Architectural Fabrications have successfully handled architectural projects ranging from hotels, offices, residential buildings, commercial buildings, restaurants, showrooms, exhibition stands, private apartments, to fashion boutiques and luxury brand shops. By using new technologies, they bring innovativeness in their work and use different kinds of metals, liquid metals, wood, glass, and other materials in their fabrication work. They are renowned architectural metal fabricators based in Milan, New York (NY), London and Sydney and are deft in constructing complex finished products. Timely delivery of every project with precision is their motto.

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