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Business Fashion Membership Club

Business Fashion Membership Club, Spring Place, New York USA

Design by Bluarch Architecture

Spring Place is more than a posh, members-only club. It’s an architecturally flexible, high-end space, spread over 140,000 sq-feet (13,000 sq. meters). Along with dedicated concierges, its facilities boast conference rooms, restaurant, bar and lounge area, music room and a lush, all-red private screening room. Extravega manufactured and installed custom meeting table, oak wood and brass table. The whole restaurant area along with oak furniture, dining couches, leather bar stools, and bar was custom built for Spring Place.


Extravega perfected a stunning oak wood table to match the intensity of the brutalist concrete shell that envelopes the club. The wood is pushed to its thinnest and finest self. A plasticity to complement the weightier concrete walls. Brass accents finish two barely visible edges set beneath its top and base. The architect’s renders were faithfully followed to create exactly what they had envisioned.

The whole restaurant area along with oak furniture, dining couches, leather bar stools, and bar was custom built for Spring Place.

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For over 36 years we have produced challenging architectural and interior works with passion and care, which shaped our identity. Our knowhow on several materials (metal, glass, wood, liquid metals and composite materials), as well as capability for speedy production and installation worldwide allows you to have your work executed in a workmanlike manner.

We custom-build every project through our in-house production: we are specialists in metal, glass, wood and composite materials. From your architectural design to final execution, the collaboration lives within a precise project management plan: supporting the designer- architect’s client with executive solutions through construction process, reporting, coordination and supervision with all trades involved, local bureaucracy, as well as logistics, production and installation bodies.

Our service runs from 3D surveying, project management, technical and economic construction consulting, design process engineering, general construction management, production, site supervision & installation, integral construction management.